Company profile

Stream18 was founded by Eduardo García and Lola Fernández to put their skills to work together in a worldwide market thanks to offshoring. Eduardo's experience with software factories (he built and managed for four years the first software factory of IECI, one of the biggest IT companies in Spain) has made of him a believer in outsourcing and offshoring. Focus on IT and network technologies, Stream18 may cover all phases of your project, from conceptual design to deployment and maintenance.



  • Interface design and creativity: no matter if it is a simple logo or a complete website, our creative team will do it the only way they know: at its best.
  • Software development: more than eighteen years of experience in software development at your service. From firmware and real time systems to websites, if you need it we'll do it.
  • Systems integration: We put together all the parts to get the best working solution that meet you needs.
  • IT Consulting: we can give you advice on how best to use information technology to meet your business objectives. We also provide online training upon request on the latest technologies.


  • Google: GWT, GAE, Google Data APIs.
  • Portal and Content Management: Vignette, Joomla, Liferay, Alfresco.
  • J2EE Application Servers: IBM Websphere, JBoss, Oracle Weblogic, Tomcat.
  • Business integration: Jolt, Tibco, JMS, XML-RPC, REST.
  • Languages: Java, C++, Perl, PHP5, Python, Pro*C, Assembler...
  • Other: Microcontroller and firmware programming.


Executive profiles

picture of Eduardo García
Eduardo García

Eduardo graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications engineering from the University of Alcalá de Henares. After more than 18 years in the software industry, he has played almost every role: director, project manager, team leader, technology consultant, software developer, QA engineer. Self-tought, always researching and hungry for new knowledge, he feels comfortable both in the managerial and in the technical side of business, and he cannot understand one without the other.
He has been involved in a huge number of projects, from aerospatial (he wrote embedded software for spacecrafts in the European Space Agency in 1992) to electronic commerce (he developed the first internet payment gateways for VISA, MasterCard and CECA in Spain in 1996), but most of his career developed in the IT industry.
In 2006 he created the first software factory for IECI, one of the biggest IT companies in Spain.
picture of Lola Fernández
Lola Fernández
Creative Director and Founder

Lola has a strong education background on design, jewelry, gemology and watchmaking. She graduated as jewel designer in the International School of Jewelry, Gemology and Appraisal in Madrid in 2000, where she was teaching for some years. Since then she has been working for some of the most important jewelry magazines in Spain: "Alta relojería", "Gold&Time", "NexoTime", becoming publishing director of the magazine "Bisutería y Complementos" in 2004, both in paper and online editions. In 2009 founded Eloart, an online magazine about jewelry design.